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Pull up a stool and raise a glass! Today marks the opening of our humble tavern, and we’re stocked with enough black-label, triple-distilled comics to read yourself under the table.

Papercut Tavern is a collective of New York-based cartoonists who brew new stories every week, filling patrons’ ears with tales of tragic love, swashbuckling adventure, and utter foolishness, all while topping off their glasses with potent potions. Our tavern is host to new work from Kat Fajardo, Kou Chen, Andrea Kendrick, Pablo Castro, Victoria Lau, Eric Alexander Arroyo, Heather Nunnelly, and Aodhan Cummings!

Each series updates weekly, guaranteeing a new comic page every day of the week!

So prop up your feet and open a tab, ’cause we’ve got some stories to tell.

YOYOYOYO Come check out the new site! We got so many comics for you, you’ll die of alcohol-poisoning in mere seconds! No wait, that’s, no, that doesn’t make ….um, how do I edit this thing?

mrsquidon asked:

DUDE! I haven't seen you for years, well at least your work. It's great to know your still kicking about and not dead or something. Gotta say, the stuff your producing right now is top notch, like really good stuff.

Hey thanks! Where did you happen to see my stuff before?

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